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Tell me about your “look.” What is the signature Stillwater Plastic Surgery breast augmentation result?

“I actually strive not to have a look. I have performed thousands of breast augmentations in my career. I focus on understanding the patient’s needs and desires. I then apply my training and expertise to educate and engage with the patient to create the best possible outcome. This is a highly customized approach focused on the patient with absolutely the best medical care. That said, patients who choose me and Stillwater Plastic Surgery do have many things in common. Overall, they are interested in a natural aesthetic. They are proactive. They want to improve upon nature or restore breast shape and fullness often after childbirth. My patients are confident and informed. They do their homework and make good decisions. This caliber of patient actually makes my job easier!” Dr. Capizzi


About breast augmentation recovery time…your patients return to work in 48 hours and resume full activity in about two weeks. Really? I have friends who didn’t fully recover for sixth months!

“Yes, my patients typically do resume most normal activity in 48 hours. It’s not an exaggeration! This means showering, most job responsibilities, caring for children and things like that. Daily life! The healing process continues, sutures dissolve and surgical tape is removed 7-10 days after surgery. By that time, Stillwater patients have typically resumed all of their normal activity.

“How do I accomplish this? Well, one of the biggest predictors of recovery time relates to surgical skill. Simply put, I do not over operate. I keep the incision and the surgical site as small as possible. Overall, my patients are interested in a natural aesthetic; implants are not oversized. I create a pocket as large as the implant and not larger. A compact surgical site requires a higher level of skill. It results in a shorter recovery time and is also predictive a better long-term outcome. The risk of contracture and infection is very, very low. This is a surgical approach that I have been practicing for over 15 years. My patients appreciate both quick recoveries in the short term and a beautiful profile over the years.” Dr. Capizzi


Why are no special wraps, dressing or garments needed?

“A critical step in breast augmentation surgery is the creation of a pocket where the implant is placed. The surgical technique I’ve cultivated is very precise. The pocket is only as large as necessary to snugly accommodate the implant. It’s a “hand-in-glove” fit. Placement is stable and secure; tissue is not unnecessarily disrupted. Post operatively, heavy bandages are simply not needed, as they may be when the pocket is oversized and the implant may be subject to shifting.” Dr. Capizzi


I’m not into pain! Why do most of your patients take only Ibuprofen?

“Pain medication is absolutely available to all patients. However, you’re right: many of my patients find that Ibuprofen suffices. This once again relates to my surgical approach. The incision is as small as possible. The pocket is created expressly for the implant. Typically, my breast augmentations are completed in 45 minutes. I am very skilled at making an invasive surgery – implants – as minimally invasive as possible. Narcotic pain relief is often just unnecessary.” Dr. Capizzi


What is the best implant?

“Another great question. As an overview, there are two implant types available today: saline and silicone. Both are safe, time-tested and FDA approved. “Saline implants (in a silicone shell) are inserted empty and then inflated with sterile saline once in place. Silicone implants are pre-filled with silicone gel, a cohesive fluid that mimics natural breast tissue.

“Now, in the world of silicone implants, there is an exciting new next-generation implant, which is known informally as the Gummy Bear. The nickname is a little unusual, but very telling. Gummy Bears are form-stable silicone implants. They hold their shape. There are many, many different size and shape options. Many women think (and I do agree) that Gummy Bear implant outcomes  look and feel more natural. For nearly a decade, I have served as an FDA co-investigator for the Natrelle 410, the Gummy Bear implant made by Allergan. I was the only co-investigator in North Carolina, so you might say I am the Gummy Bear expert. Within an exciting six-month period, the FDA approved Gummy Bear implants from both Allergan, Sientra and Mentor. This is good news  for women. You might say Gummy Bears have arrived!

“Now, as to what’s the best implant type. Together, we’ll determine what is best for you. There is not a single right answer. Implant type and size are great topics of discussion during our consultation.” Dr. Capizzi


Back to this Gummy Bear. What’s so special about it? And why is your experience so unique?

Gummy Bear is a bit unusual, but very appropriate nickname these new, fifth-generation, form-stable silicone implants. Form stable means the shape, form and nature of the implant have greater integrity. The implant will not deflate, leak or change form. Here, I think you can see how the Gummy Bear nomenclature is helpful. The fundamental nature of this implant facilitates precise placement, which is absolutely critical for great outcomes.

“The Gummy Bear is also anatomically shaped like a woman’s breast. It is available in over 100 shapes and sizes. As your surgeon, this gives me the ability to sculpt a more natural look, which is what most patients who come to me are seeking. The Gummy Bear implants from Allergan, Sientra and Mentor are now FDA approved. But, for nearly a decade, I was the only plastic surgeon in the Carolina’s participating in Allergan’s FDA Gummy Bear study. My Gummy Bear experience is unique and in depth.

“Now, the Gummy Bear may not be right for every woman. My recommendation as to what’s best will be what is right for you. My patients are all unique individuals. Implant type – including the Gummy Bear – is one of the most important things we’ll discuss in the consultation. You’ll see implant samples and sizes. My patients generally leave the consultation with a plan.” Dr. Capizzi


Why do you charge for a consultation? It’s free at lots of offices.

“When a patient chooses me and Stillwater Plastic Surgery following the consultation, the fee is actually applied to their procedure. And, I’m happy to say that many patients do make that decision. And, I think those that do not, leave the office feeling better informed and knowledgeable. But to really answer the question directly, we charge a fee because this is a private and professional one-on-one medical examination and consultation. I am the only surgeon in this practice. You will have my undivided, undiluted attention with the assistance of my personal nurse. Consultations typically last an hour. We’ll discuss your medical history, augmentation expectations and discuss implant options and surgical approach. We will help you refine and define a plan designed to meet your aspirations and expectations. FREE suggests an absence of value. We love it when patients leave the consultation energized and informed – that’s the norm. And, of course, we’re delighted when they choose Stillwater. Very candidly: the subject of the consultation fee is rarely an issue!” Dr. Capizzi


Why is it important for a cosmetic breast surgeon to be active in breast reconstruction surgery?

“It’s a great question because the answer is not obvious! First, most of the advances in cosmetic breast surgery originate in the world of reconstructive surgery, which involves the full reconstruction of the breast mound, areola and nipple, usually following mastectomy. If surgeons are not active in reconstructive surgery, they are not fully engaged in the latest advances. Because reconstructive surgery is an important part of my practice, I am able to offer the latest medical and technical advances in breast surgery to cosmetic patients.

“Secondly, surgeons expert in reconstructive surgery, as I am, are part of a larger medical team. Hospital privileges are required and, as you would suspect, the surgeries are more complicated and challenging. Our work is under rigorous peer review. A high level of competency and performance is mandated. I’m proud to say that most of my reconstructive patients are referred to me by their oncologists or surgeons.

“So a demonstrated expertise in reconstructive breast surgery is an excellent leading indicator that the surgeon is among the best.” Dr. Capizzi


What about breast revision surgery? How does your experience here relate to my augmentation plans?

“Many women come to see me to revise and improve breast implants from surgeries performed elsewhere. Like reconstructive surgery, this is another type of breast surgery where knowledge and tactical experience with the latest surgical techniques is of the utmost importance. As an example, Accellular Dermis is a sophisticated and delicate skin grafting process developed in the reconstructive sphere, which may be of great benefit to breast revision patients. Here, an internal bra, so to speak, is created to hold the implant securely in place.” Dr. Capizzi


Bottom line: why I should choose Stillwater Plastic Surgery and Dr. Capizzi?

“I love tough questions, but actually, I think this is an easy one. You should choose me only if you trust me.

“This means a few things. First, you must be convinced that I can offer you the best medical care. Review my credentials, certifications, training, years of experience and my areas of expertise. Next, you should only choose me as your plastic surgeon if you believe we connect. This relates to me and the entire Stillwater team. Do we listen actively? Is our counsel helpful? Are we genuinely engaged? Are we excited for you? Choosing a plastic surgeon is both an intellectual and instinctual process. An informed decision brings the two together.

“I think we are building something special at Stillwater Plastic Surgery. This is a personal, almost boutique-like practice with an expertise in breast and body contouring, as well as preventative aging. We provide top-notch medical care and great results one patient at a time. If this resonates with you, I encourage you to take the next step and schedule a consultation.” Dr. Capizzi

The Stillwater Plastic Surgery website is designed to inform and educate. Schedule a consultation or call 704-655-8988 to learn more.

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