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Charlotte, North Carolina

Breast aesthetics, the improvement of breast shape, is Dr. Peter J. Capizzi’s foremost expertise. The doctor and the Stillwater team excel in surgical breast enhancement including breast augmentation, breast lift, breast implant revision, breast reduction and breast reconstruction surgery. Dr. Capizzi believes every patient should make an informed decision. He believes that thoughtful, educated patients are the best patients.


Dr. Capizzi creates beautiful, natural-looking and healthy breast surgery outcomes. The doctor’s goal is to understand patient needs, objectives and medical history, and then apply his expert surgical training and skill to fulfill patient expectations – beautifully.
Dr. Capizzi’s breast augmentation patients typically return to daily activity in 48 hours and resume full activity in 7-10 days. Pain management is often as simple as Ibuprofen. Dr. Capizzi’s surgical technique is focused and expert to minimize pain and speed recovery.
A double-board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Capizzi has refined and honed his skills in over 15 years of active practice after completing a plastic surgery residency at the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Capizzi has performed thousands of cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgeries.
Dr. Capizzi’s expertise in reconstructive surgery is of critical importance for ALL breast surgery patients The latest advances and techniques in breast surgery originate in the challenging field of reconstructive surgery. A surgeon active in reconstructive surgery is simply the best.
Dr. Capizzi is an active listener. He has created a culture at Stillwater Plastic Surgery that puts patient needs first. Dr. Capizzi seeks to understand your objectives and then develops a surgical plan to create the natural, healthy and beautiful outcome you desire.

Breast Augmentation

Dr. Capizzi is an expert in cosmetic breast implant surgery. He has performed over 2,500 augmentations in his career. Dr. Capizzi offers a comprehensive selection of FDA-approved saline implants and cohesive silicone gel implants from Mentor, Allergan and Sientra, the world’s finest medical manufacturers. Uniquely in North Carolina, Dr. Capizzi has extensive experience with the innovative new silicone implant often called the Gummy Bear (or more formally, the Natrelle® 410 from Allergan). The Gummy Bear is a fifth-generation cohesive-gel silicone implant.
As an FDA coinvestigator, Dr. Capizzi is the only surgeon in North Carolina with fifth-generation Gummy Bear surgical experience. He has performed hundreds of Gummy Bear breast implant surgeries, more than most surgeons nationally, and certainly in North Carolina. It’s good news for women that the FDA has approved the fifth-generation implant from all three major pharmaceutical companies: Allergan, Sientra and Mentor. READ MORE

Breast Lift

Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity. Today, thanks to medical advances and expert surgeons like Dr. Capizzi, there’s a remedy as it relates to breasts, gravity and time. It’s called mastopexy or breast lift surgery. It involves raising and reshaping sagging breasts. When a woman has also lost significant breast volume, breast implants in conjunction with the breast lift, increases breast size. The breast lift, with or without implants as dictated by patients needs, is a Dr. Peter J. Capizzi expertise. READ MORE

Breast Implant Revision

Dr. Capizzi’s commitment to patient satisfaction has made Stillwater Plastic Surgery a preferred resource for women seeking breast revision surgery. This is a very commonly sought-after procedure, involving the surgical correction of breast surgery performed elsewhere that fails to meet expectations – sometimes medically, sometimes aesthetically, sometimes both. Dr. Capizzi offers years of experience with most implant manufacturers which require revision. Some of these companies no longer exist, while their implants do. Dr. Capizzi can help. READ MORE

Breast Reduction

Stillwater Plastic Surgery exists to help women feel better in their bodies. Dr. Capizzi notes that sometimes that means breast augmentation. Other times, it means breast reduction, a surgery that decreases the size and shape of the breasts with the removal of excessive tissue. Oversized, pendulous breasts disproportionate to overall body type is a serious issue for many women. In addition to aesthetic concerns and self-consciousness, very real physical problems can result from excessive breast size, including back, neck and shoulder pain, skin irritation under the breast and a limited ability to participate in sports – and life. Some plastic surgery studies suggest a decreased risk for breast cancer among women who have undergone breast reduction. READ MORE

Breast Reconstruction

Rebuilding a breast can often help rebuild a life. Breast reconstruction is most commonly performed after a cancer diagnosis and mastectomy. Dr. Capizzi is also expert in reconstructive surgeries to correct asymmetry, radiated breast tissue, congenital absence or hypoplasia and congenital asymmetry. While women represent the largest group of reconstruction patients, Dr. Capizzi also treats men with contour deformities, achieving excellent outcomes. READ MORE

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